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The following is a list of reminders for NEW and OLD curlers.

Many of you have not been around long enough to know these things, so please read the list and follow the advice.

1. Please make sure you clean your shoes before going on the ice. We suggest that you bring along a pair of shoes to be used just for curling. Small dirt and debris on the ice can cause the rocks to divert from their path. Nobody likes to miss a shot because of something on the ice. Lockers are available for you to use- free.

2. Please avoid walking on the cement areas around the outside sheets, as they are not maintained, and dirt and sand will be tracked on to the ice.

3. If you are having difficulty finding a "slider" to use each week, consider purchasing one. They cost is only $15. You can also purchase your own broom if you like. Check with Mark if you are interested.

4. Please make sure you show up for your league games(and on time) . If you are not going to be able to play one week, you can find a substitute. Each league night has teams with a bye. You can ask one of their team members to fill in. You can also find players from the other league nights to help out. If at the last minute- contact your skip to let them know. The league schedules have a list of all the players for each team.

5. The team that loses the flip is responsible for cleaning the ice after the game.

6. Please make sure that your beverages and concessions are paid for. We use the "honor system". It is a curling custom that the winning team buys a beverage for the opponents.

7.When playing the game, make sure you are ready to play when it is your turn. You can get your rock ready and cleaned while the other teams stone is being played. When it is your teams turn, be "in the hack" and ready for your skip to call the shot. Sweepers should work their way back down the ice so they are ready also.

8. Never cross the ice in front of a player once they are "in the hack". Make sure you are not walking in front of the player shooting the stone if they are playing a shot near the edge where you are walking or standing.

9. A moving rock that is touched by your broom or foot is stopped and taken out of play immediately.

10. If you see someone you don't know, please make sure to introduce yourself. All curlers are "friendly" folks. Welcome to all our new members.